John's Hardware and Bicycle Shop

It all started when John, as a young man, began working at a hardware store. Eventually, John became the owner and that hardware store became John's Hardware and Bicycle Shop.

These days, his son John Jr. has taken over the day to day running of the store. Sometimes John Sr. even gets help from a third generation, whenever the grandchildren pitch in. John's brothers are tradesmen and they offer their services to the customers.

John Sr. now spends much of his time with the other family business, John and Sons General Contractor. These are truly family owned and run businesses!

"If We Don't Have It, You Don't Need It."

John's Hardware and Bicycle Shop

7350 South Halsted
Chicago, IL 60621
(773) 483-7444

Hours of operation:

Mon - Sat: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Closed Sundays